◦  firm  ◦  solid  ◦  secure  ◦  strong  ◦  sturdy  ◦  stable  ◦  durable
utilitas  ◦  commodity  ◦  useful  ◦  fit  ◦  facilitative  ◦  salutary  ◦  functional
venustas  ◦  delightful  ◦  beautiful  ◦  exciting  ◦  calming  ◦  pleasing


I celebrate well-designed environments

Architects make decisions that have long-term impacts; we must aspire to create the best possible future with thoughtful solutions to the specifics of place, time, needs, and aspirations.

I savor well-built buildings
Careful planning, coordination, and detailing result in a well-functioning building that offers delight to those who experience it.

I take it as self-evident that we must live more lightly on this planet
Architectural design and land use planning are monumental determinants of our impact on the planet. Designers of the built environment have a responsibility to develop the wisest possible solutions to balance the needs of the human and natural worlds.

I recognize limitations and their value
Constraints offer a framework to spur creativity and focus design efforts to make the most of scarce resources - whether money, time, energy, or raw materials.

I believe in collaboration and mutual respect
A successful outcome is in the best interests of everyone involved in a project, and is more likely if everyone cooperates toward that common goal.

I welcome ideas from all members of a project team

A broader diversity of perspectives results in greater insights into the best design solutions.

I value tools that offer better ways of doing things

As technologies emerge and evolve, they offer amazing opportunities to improve how we communicate and exchange ideas, manage knowledge, evaluate design decisions, and increase efficiency.

I embrace strategies that improve the way a project team works together

As the world evolves, so should our business models and methods. Yesterday's practices might or might not remain best practices. New approaches can potentially offer better ways to develop better solutions.