MU Architect

A family in the Sunset District of San Francisco recognized some shortcomings in their existing house and were interested in exploring various options to improve it. I drew up a few mix-and-match ideas to start a discussion on some possibilities to balance their needs, desires, and budgetary goals.

  The existing  lower level was underutilized, and the bedroom space was insufficient for two budding teenagers.

  A separate hallway between two new bedrooms could provide rear-yard access while protecting teen privacy.

A glass door allows light into circulation spaces.

A dedicated study room helps teens to focus on their homework.

A component bath allows privacy and concurrent use by siblings.

  Floor area and closet space of the bedrooms could be larger and more evenly apportioned by providing rear yard access through the bedrooms.

Openings through the floor above provide light and communication between floors.

  A separate laundry room could hide clutter and improve laundry workflow.

  The existing upper level had an internal courtyard that brought in abundant and welcome natural light, but with an angled plan that resulted in awkward spaces. Use of the courtyard was also limited by the prevailing fog of the neighborhood.

  A minimal intervention could provide a direct connection between the main bedroom and bath for a quasi-Master Suite. The toilet room has dual access for guest use.

Skylights in the bath provide natural light into internal spaces.

  Privacy could be improved by splitting the bathroom into a 3/4 bath for the Master Suite and a 1/2 bath for guest use.

   A more radical approach could improve circulation and space utilization.

A large skylight provides the same abundant daylight as the courtyard while eliminating an awkward and little-used space.

Openings in the floor provide light to the level below and allow communication between levels.