BAR Architects

Lucas Film needed to add technical space at their post-production facility and update existing spaces for new digital technologies. BAR Architects, who had designed the original building in the 1980's, designed an 8,000-gsf addition and remodeled existing space to meet their needs.

  The building is nestled in the hills of the Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California. The addition is partially visible on the right in this photo.

  Four of the existing Final Mix Studios were remodeled as part of this project to accommodate changes resulting from new digital technology.

  On the Main Level, five new Sound Design Rooms and two new Edit Suites were provided in the expansion, which wraps around the lower right wing of the original building.

On the Lower Level (not shown) existing undeveloped space was remodeled to provide new Foley and ADR recording studios, along with supporting control rooms, lounges, and machine rooms.

  Four more Sound Design Rooms were added at the Upper Level of the expansion.

Computer machine rooms and other support spaces were also added.

  The addition and the interior remodels were designed to be compatible with the architectural vocabulary of the original building.