BAR Architects

This highly-successful shopping/entertainment center in Southern California offers an exciting mix of movie, retail, restaurant, and live entertainment venues. BAR Architects designed the second half of the development, and I managed several projects within that scope.

  The theme for the project is an Andalusian village with a town center, pedestrian streets and squares, and a gracious architectural vocabulary.

  The phased development was based on a "kit of parts" system that combined lighting, graphics, architectural colors and details, and landscaping to create a rich, enjoyable environment.

  Like a village, the center is comprised of multiple buildings of varying sizes, shapes, and complementary details.

  The center's extensive exterior spaces are modulated by lighting, shade, and water features to create an inviting environment both day and night.

  Three garages serve the complex.

  Pedestrian entry to the garages maintains the architectural and landscape vocabulary.

  BAR Architects developed design guidelines for tenants and coordinated with architects for anchor stores.

  We designed a pedestrian bridge from a parking garage to Nordstrom.

  Target was another anchor tenant for whom we established design guidelines.

  The design guidelines had to mesh the architectural vocabulary of the center with the branding identity of Target.

  The center is located in Irvine, California, at the intersection of the 5 and the 405 freeways.