BAR Architects

This building was originally constructed in 1908 as part of the post-earthquake reconstruction of San Francisco. Sited on prime real estate near Union Square, it was sorely underutilized and in need of remediation for accessibility, and fire and earthquake safety. The building houses retail at lower levels with office space above.

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  The existing steel-frame structure was retro-fitted with a new concrete moment-frame system to resist earthquake forces.
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  The building was a proud statement of post-earthquake recovery.

  We totally overhauled the core of the building—relocating the restrooms and exit stair, and replacing the elevators. Working with the city, we developed a strategy to provide a new secondary egress while maintaining as much leasable space as possible.

  We lowered the ground floor level to the low point of the sidewalk to facilitate accessible retail build-out.

  The previous ground-floor retail levels were aesthetically independent of the rest of the building. We added new terra cotta cornerpieces extending down to the sidewalk to frame the storefronts and create a coherent whole.



  The office entry and lobby were completely reworked. I detailed the stonework, which was executed by craftsmen brought from Italy.

  This is the foundation prior to the seismic upgrade. I just really like the image.